Why improving your posture is key to a good fitness regime

Chris Peil

Poor posture can have a major impact on one’s overall fitness level no matter how often we visit the gym or exercise with a personal trainer. Thankfully, very few of us are born with poor posture, and it’s reversible.

Having good posture now ranks alongside eating correctly, exercising, and refraining from tobacco, alcohol, and drugs as one of the main factors for a long, healthy, and active lifestyle.

Poor posture is invariably a lifestyle problem. From the day we start work we are hunched over a computer keyboard or operating a till, bent over, laying bricks or welding pipes, or slouched behind the wheel of a heavy truck. Long before we notice it, our body is being subjected to adverse stresses and strains.

As time goes on the body begins to rebel. Without a period of correction the head may jut forward when standing or walking. Lower back-pain can develop. Aches and pains establish themselves in knees, ankles, or hip joints. And curvature of the spine sets in. In many cases, poor posture becomes more pronounced as people attempt to relieve the aching joints. Much of the time people will put it down to an age thing, or start to visit a chiropractor, when all that is needed is to improve the posture.

Here at X-Fit Gym Paisley we realise just how important correct posture means to a person’s overall health and wellbeing. No matter how long and hard we work to improve your fitness, if you walk out of the centre with head bent, spine curved, or favouring one side of your body or the other, we’re not doing our job.

To this end, every new client receives a postural assessment. Over 60 minutes we will assess every part of your posture, discuss any aching joints or muscle problems, and delve into how occupation or lifestyle could be causing the problems.

Once completed, we can design a fitness regime specific to your requirements. Take into account the postural problems, and begin to rectify them, while increasing your overall level of fitness.

With an improving posture you will begin to not just feel better, but look better. No more forward head position or rounded shoulders. You will quite literally walk taller and straighter. A combination of postural improvement and fitness workouts will help lose that stomach, increase flexibility, and improve muscle tone and definition.

Aches and pains in joints and muscles are not an acceptable part of everyday life, nor are they a sign of aging. For 95% of us, over time, a good exercise regime, built around the need to improve one’s posture, will relieve these symptoms. You will look healthier, feel fitter, have more energy, and develop a greater zest for life. All without the need to visit chiropractors, take painkillers, or resort to surgery.