The purest gym experience in Paisley…..why I chose X-Fit?

Chris Peil

We all have our fitness and health goals, whether it’s to lose a few pounds, gain some more muscle or bench an extra 10kg. We can spend hours or even days analysing our nutritional intake, calorie consumption or even workout times. However sometimes we don’t tend to analyse the environment we are putting ourselves in to achieve those goals.

I’m fast approaching 40 years, and have spent the last 15 years in and out of big name gyms (most of the time paying for overpriced memberships with facilities or equipment that i didn’t use or were not right for me to achieve my goals). In my 20’s i used to be transfixed on the new latest and greatest machines, always looking for the next new invention that will help me get the body i wanted… never happened. Mid-thirties and i looked as if i’d spent my whole life working behind a desk eating muffins and washing it down with a gallon of beer, and worst of all i felt like it to.

I never really felt at home in the gym, i never felt comfortable with my surroundings, other gym-goers or even some of the personal trainers. It was always an awkward workout, a forced gym session that i never looked forward to, and i guess in many ways that’s why i was always failing and dodging sessions. I lost my motivation and needed a change, i needed to go back to basics and first and foremost find a place where i enjoyed working out.

I’m 38 now and can safely say that in the last 6 months i’ve not only been to the gym more than in most years, but i’m in the best shape i’ve ever been in and all because of one thing……i found the right fit for me, and it was X-Fit.

Why was it the right fit for me, and could it be for you?

I’ll start with the fact that i don’t feel like another insignificant cog in a global fitness brand’s wheel. For the first time i feel like i have a team of professionals that understand my goals and want me to achieve them, just as much as i do, and they are not just there to take my money at the end of the month. I’ve even had messages from the Manager and my Personal Trainer when i’ve been unable to attend a session (due to illness), to make sure i was ok. It’s this level of personal care and attention that helps motivate me and makes me excited to walk through those doors to perform my next session.

These guys live and breathe fitness and with each session i feel like i learn more from them, not just the exercise form but the nutrition, supplements and stretches.

My workouts now feel pure, there is no clutter or distraction from fancy machines. My workouts now consist of deadlifts and kettlebell swings, battling ropes and pulling sled, flipping tractor tyres to relentlessly pounding them with sledgehammers. To some outsiders and gym tech fanatics some of these methods may look a little primitive, but that’s far from it. It’s this real pure gym experience at X-Fit Paisley that has made me achieve the best physical results in over 15 years of going to the gym, and i love every session.

I feel closer to a true strongman than i’ve either felt and i’ve even lifted the atlas stones to prove it. Best of all my beer belly is now an emerging 6 pack of another kind, my energy levels are through the roof and i’ve got muscles where i didn’t even think they existed.

After 15 years I’ve finally found the best environment, team and gym to be a member of, and a place that is now like my second home. In my eyes X-Fit Paisley is Paisley’s only real GYM.

Kevin Williams