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At 46 and being away from any form of exercise for over 20 years it was with some trepidation I attended my consultation with a personal trainer. He soon put me at my ease and discussed my goal sand expectations. Every visit challenged my abilities but with his support and encouragement, I was astounded at the different activities and exercises I was able to do. He pushed me to my limits and beyond and I loved every minute of it. Within weeks I was receiving compliments about my changing shape and also feeling the benefits of my increased fitness. After 6 weeks I lost an amazing 18.5 inches, my BMI and body fat reduced and my muscle mass increased. Exercise has become an enjoyable part of my weekly routine and I am already feeling massive benefits.My goal now is to complete the Moonwalk Marathon in Edinburgh next year and I am confident I will achieve this.
I first started with PT Paisley 3 months ago my starting weight was 16 stone 3lb. I couldn’t exercise in any way had no motivation until PT Paisley started training me, now 3 months down the line I have lost over 2 stone and 14 inches off my body.I am so motivated in losing more weight he has turned my life round for the better he is so reliable, understanding and sure knows how to keep you in shape. I would recommend PT Paisley to any one that wants to change their life around, he is with you every step of the way and is there with advice 24/7 no way could I do it without PT Paisley he is such an inspirational person.
At age 55, overweight and female, I had become a couch potato, was breathless walking up 1 flight of stairs or short distances, pains in my knees, suffer balance problems, feet problems therefore I didn’t feel motivated or positive about myself. Now I am attending 3 classes per week which are varied and great fun. I recently commenced 1 to 1 Personal Training sessions. I have more energy and I am wearing smaller size smaller clothes just in 6 weeks. I go out walking regularly and plan to start jogging (first time in my life). My personal trainer has a great sense of humor to keep everyone motivated. Would highly recommend anyone at any age to give Pt Paisley’s gym a try.
My personal trainer is the most inspirational and enthusiastic person I have ever met. Over the past 4 months he has helped me to lose over 2 stone and become a healthier person. His guidance and training are amazing. He knows exactly how to lift your spirits even if you feel like giving up he will pick you right back up and make you realise that you CAN do it. I look forward to each session and every session is different.
I started training 6 months ago. During that time not only have I lost weight and inches but I am fitter now than I have ever been. During this time my X-Fit personal trainer encouraged and supported me to run a half marathon which I would never ever have done. He is by far the most motivational and encouraging trainer who always pushes you to aim for your best. Over the last couple of months my personal trainer has also started doing X-fit classes with members of my gym. 50 girls some of who hadn’t stepped foot in a gym are now totally engaged and absolutely loving exercise and this is down to his support.
My personal trainer put together a goal orientated focus plan, empowering me to reach my potential, and in less than 12 weeks I had substantially increased fitness levels, lost over a stone and a half, and was down to a size 8. The ultimate reward of my efforts was when I was able to feel good in a bikini with a flat tummy and toned abs on holiday in Majorca. PT Paisley has good knowledge and a thorough understanding of how the body works. He is an enthusiastic professional in his field, with a great work ethic and a willingness to do what needs to be done with enthusiasm, integrity and commitment. He blends education and motivation into a planned exercise programme for each individual, implemented to help his clients reach their fitness and weight loss goals. I found PT Paisley to provide an excellent quality of customer care and would recommend him at the highest level.
I would like to say massive thanks to PT Paisley if it wasn’t for him I would be were I am today. I have been training with PT Paisley in July this year and the determination he has gave me to get where I want to be has been fantastic. I have lost a stone in weight but the muscle and shape I have gained is fantastic, I would highly recommend PT Paisley.