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Hitting the punch bag

Chris Peil
While not everyone may want to step into a boxing ring or even the octagon, at X-Fit Gym Paisley we like to think you can still train with punching movements using punch bags or speed bags, or even through shadow...

Why improving your posture is key to a good fitness regime

Chris Peil
Poor posture can have a major impact on one’s overall fitness level no matter how often we visit the gym or exercise with a personal trainer. Thankfully, very few of us are born with poor posture, and it’s reversible. Having...
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The purest gym experience in Paisley…..why I chose X-Fit?

Chris Peil
We all have our fitness and health goals, whether it’s to lose a few pounds, gain some more muscle or bench an extra 10kg. We can spend hours or even days analysing our nutritional intake, calorie consumption or even workout...
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Powerlifting Tales – Analyzing for Event Performance

Chris Peil

Evaluating Your Powerlifting Pre-Season Lifts at a powerlifting events are simply the result (or by-product if you will) of months of preparation. Therefore, it makes sense to start all the way back to your pre-season training. And there are several variables…

Energy Requirements Gym Exercise

Energy Requirements for Exercise


If you are doing a lot of exercise or training each day then it goes without saying that your body will need more energy than it would if you were doing nothing. When you exercise the body must begin producing…